Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are you remarkable (employee)?

  1. Do you ignore your job description?
    You know when there is a problem and you jump right in trying to help fixing it without being asked, never mind that it was not you job nor your fault in the first place.

  2. Are you eccentric?
    You shake up things and push the envelope further, challenge the status quo and everybody with it.

  3. Do you know when to stay low?
    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going - rolling the sleeves, blending with the team and ultimately pouring oil on troubled waters.

  4. Do you make others feel special and appreciated?
    While being special your word of praise to your colleagues bears double the impact especially when being expressed publicly.

  5. When complaining or criticizing sensitive issues do you restrain doing it in group settings?
    You rather see your boss, colleague or subordinate in private in order to discuss a sensitive issues instead of setting up or boost flame wars within a group environment.

  6. Do you speak up when others don't?
    You can feel the concerns of your colleagues and you decide to stand up and present them on behalf of those who hesitate.

  7. Do you feel compelled to prove the doubters wrong?
    You praise any opportunity to prove that things can be done and find solutions to really hard problems while others keep saying "no-way".

  8. Do you always look for ways to make thing better?
    And you find them - not because it is your job or is expected from you, but rather because it is your nature to fiddle and push the satisfaction a notch higher.

Jeff Haden says: "Great employees are reliable, dependable, proactive, diligent, great leaders and great followers... they possess a wide range of easily-defined—but hard to find—qualities.
A few hit the next level. Some employees are remarkable, possessing qualities that may not appear on performance appraisals but nonetheless make a major impact on performance."
Find more details on "8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees" from Jeff Haden.

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