Saturday, October 22, 2011

Did you know they knew about you?

I could start by asking whether you are a fan of iPhone or Android. Or other smartphone platform. No need though.

No matter what mobile platform we choose they know more about us than we think.

Do you remember all the data access you allowed for each mobile application you installed? You might had even accepted consciously that an application shall have access to your phone number or your location. But that's the less evil half of it. The other half of the truth is that your data got shared - and you did not signed for it - you don't even know who got their peek.

WSJ (a.k.a The Wall Street Journal) made that analysis for us covering the very popular mobile applications many of us use daily. The result is shocking.

What shall be done?
I doubt it can be solved without a form of mobile security policy framework. Standardization of such should be in an interest of mainly Apple and Google. Or should it? Their mobile platforms are getting more popular by a day. Number of applications raise with it. Whay would Apple or Google care than?

It might be sufficient for a one of them to jump start the solution. Other will feel pressured to follow. Shall it be Google with their "Don't be evil?" How about Microsoft? Their mobile window finds it tough to get opened by public as much. And Steve Jobs with his strict AppStore policy?

It could also be Esets, Symantecs or Avasts of the world in a form of mobile firewalling and security platforms.

Till then - we might at least know what we did not know before - who all knows what about us:
WSJ - What They Know - Mobile.

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